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Biscuit's Bully Busters at Story Elementary School.

Did you know that 3.2 million students are bullied each year? The Allen Americans, with the help of their mascot, Biscuit, are aiming to reduce the impact of bullying in schools across Dallas-Fort Worth.

Through Biscuit’s Bully Busters, Biscuit and his crew educate students on the serious subject of bullying, presented in a lighthearted, comedic and fun program. Students learn about common types of bullying, how to avoid being a bully or falling victim to one, and what to do when potential situations for bullying arise.

According to Stacey Thomas, Story Elementary School Counselor, the program entertained students while teaching them the various aspects of bullying. “We had Biscuit’s Bully Busters assembly come visit our school earlier this week and I want to recommend this assembly to others! The students loved seeing Biscuit here on campus,” Thomas said. “The message was clear and the assembly had a lot of student and audience interaction, which was fun. It was short and sweet, which is best for our elementary friends.” 

During the program, Biscuit and the speaker demonstrate the different types of bullying, including:

  • Physical – Bullying that hurts

  • Social – Bullying with words

  • Self-Bullying – Think positively about yourself

  • Online Bullying – Bullying through social media 

In addition, they teach the S.T.I.C.K. lesson:

S – See something say something!

T – Talk it out: If you see a friend being a bully to someone don’t join in, talk them out of a situation.

I – Include Everyone!

C – Compassion: You need to respect everyone and show them compassion.

K – Knowledge: Knowledge is power.

“We cover bullying throughout the year, but definitely emphasize it at the beginning of each year,” Thomas added. “The message went right along with my guidance lessons, as well as our ‘Second Step’ school-wide lessons. Having empathy is crucial and I really enjoyed the acronym ‘STICK’ as the message was key!”

Biscuit and his crew are available for presentations in 30-minute time slots. Please note that a P.A. system and mic are needed.

If you’re interested in hosting Biscuit’s Bully Busters in your school, contact Corey Essman at 972-912-1027 or email


You can find the Allen Americans on Instagram and Twitter at @allenamericans and on Facebook at

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