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We’re just a little over a week away from the beginning of the Allen Americans’ 2018 - 2019 season, and this year is especially exciting: it’s their 10th anniversary as a team, which means lots of special events and features for fans.

In honor of their anniversary, BubbleLife talked to the Allen Americans about 10 traditions they share as a team and with their fans. Some of them might surprise you, and others might encourage you to join in their celebration at games this fall.

1. During every game’s second intermission, the fans belt out “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. If you’re not screaming “so good, so good!” at the top of your lungs, are you even really an Americans fan?

2. Fans religiously dole out fist pumps at games. True fans race to line up and support their favorite players with their fists in the air.

3. When a goal is scored, “Don’t Stop Livin’ in the Red” by Andrew W.K. is always played. The Allen Americans are the only sports team to use this song, which makes it especially powerful for fans and players alike.

4. A team of passionate drummers appears at every game to pump up the crowd. These drummers started organically, creating chants to involve fans and heckle visiting teams, and they make every game feel special.

5. After the four championship years for the Allen Americans, the ice technician saves some of the ice from the championship rink. After, that championship ice is combined with new ice as a reminder of what the team has accomplished.

6. Biscuit the Bulldog is always on his skates with a flag at playoff games. If you want to see the mascot strutting his stuff on the ice, show up before or after any playoff game.

7. Every year the Allen Americans make it to the playoffs, fans “rock their red” in support of their local team. Wearing any other color to a game is simply sacrilegious.

8. To bond as a team and prepare for the season, the Americans always host a triathlon event for the players, Ice Angels, and staff. After all, not all their team experiences take place on the ice.

9. The team uses the same broadcaster at every game. For 10 years, fans have heard Tommy Daniels calling the shots and entertaining the crowds over the loudspeakers.

10. Last but not least, the Allen Americans have made the playoffs a tradition. They’ve made the playoffs for nine years in a row, and this year, they’re aiming to make 10 playoffs in 10 years.

Lend the Allen Americans your support by attending some of their special anniversary events like Jurassic Arena Night or Biscuit's Birthday. You can also back the team by purchasing tickets for their upcoming home games.

As the season begins, BubbleLife will be bringing you more interviews and special features on the Allen Americans. Check back for more from your favorite hockey team next week!


Article sponsored by the Allen Americans Hockey Club

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