Tom Keener – Guest Contributor
Oct 12 2016
Brazilian Samba Vida Drum & Dance Company



Central Standard Time



Allen Public Library
300 N. Allen Dr.
Allen, Texas 75013

Feel the rhythm at the Allen Public Library. Samba Vida Drum & Dance Company will deliver thrilling music and dance at 3:00 pm Saturday, October 15. Elegant samba dancers, replete with rich and colorful costumes, will make the spirits of the audience soar. Drummers and percussionists will create a rhythm and beat that will make it hard not to want to jump to your feet and join the dance. Celebrating the regions of Brazil with Brazilian Samba, Reggae, Cha Cha, Afro-Brazilian, and more, Samba Vida Drum & Dance Company will enthrall the Allen Public Library’s patrons.  

Sponsored by the Allen Public Library, the program is free.

Thought to be derived from the Kimbundu (Angolan) term semba, the word “samba” had roots that can be traced to the colonial period in the Congolese and Angolan circle dances.  Slaves, former slaves and others from the African diaspora helped bring this dance form to Brazil.  

Brazilian crooners and composers put samba on the international radar, and icons such as Carmen Miranda embraced the style, becoming a star in Brazil long before her move to the U.S. and Hollywood. Perhaps one of the most popular music and dance styles ever to emerge from Brazil, samba evolved in Rio de Janeiro by the early 20th century and grew to become that nation’s quintessential music and dance form. With its rich and syncopated rhythm and graceful dance moves, samba has circled the globe as one of the most infectious and popular styles from the South American continent.

Based out of San Antonio, Samba Vida Drum & Dance Company will take center stage at this year’s State Fair of Texas where four outstanding performances will be featured. 

The Allen Public Library is located at 300 N. Allen Dr.  Call 214-509-4911 for more information.