Tom Keener – Guest Contributor
Nov 10 @ 4:45 pm
JFK Assassination Historian Robert Groden



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Allen Public Library
300 N. Allen Dr.
Allen, Texas 75013

In 1975, Robert Groden brought Abraham Zapruder’s home movie of President Kennedy’s assassination to a national audience for an inaugural viewing on a   television program that was hosted by Geraldo Rivera and Dick Gregory.  Groden has insisted the footage proves Kennedy was killed in a crossfire by at least two shooters, not by a lone gunman as the official inquiry had concluded. 

Devoting his entire adult life to trying to uncover the truth of what happened, he swore at President Kennedy’s graveside that would never give up the quest.

Hear Robert Groden, the author of JFK: Absolute Proof, The Killing of a President, Vols. I, II and III  at a live event and also virtually at  7:30 p.m. Thursday, November 18, at the Allen Public Library. The program is free. Questions can be submitted until 8:30 p.m. that evening through

Groden also testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) which investigated the assassinations of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. G. Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel and Staff Director to the HSCA, stated concerning Groden that “the results of his study played no small part in convincing many members of the Congress that the Kennedy case should be reopened.”

Robert Groden served as a technical consultant to Oliver Stone’s film JFK (1991) where he also was featured in four different roles.  He served as program consultant to the TV Miniseries The Men Who Killed Kennedy and the TV documentary The Secret KGB JFK Assassination Files.  He is also the author of JFK: Absolute Proof, The Killing of a President, Vols. I-III.  

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