Kusum Sharma – Guest Contributor
Jul 6 @ 3:58 pm
JKYog LTP Golden Rules for Living your Best Life



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Radha Krishna Temple
1450 North Watters Road
Allen, Texas 75013

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  • JKYog brings to you the Life Transformation Program with Swami Mukundananda to realize your infinite potential by unfolding the divinity within you! Propel yourself into the realm of limitless possibilities this year!

  • At the Life Transformation Program, embark on the journey to grow from within and discover the universal principles behind creating a life filled with peace and joy. JKYog and Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas (Allen) offer this weeklong FREE program in your city for adults, youth and children. Participation in this program unleashes the God-given, divine potential within you. 

  • About Swami Mukundananda


  • Swami Mukundananda is an international authority on mind management and a unique saint with a distinguished educational background. He received his degrees from two world-renowned institutes, IIT and IIM. Swamiji is a direct disciple of Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, the fifth original Jagadguru in Indian history. He has founded JKYog, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment of humankind.

  • Swami Mukundananda has been traveling to multiple cities around the globe and conducts Life Transformational Series, which has changed the lives of millions of people. Swamiji pours his heart and soul into his enlightening and inspirational programs. He has also authored many best selling books including 7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfilment, The Science of Mind Management, 7 Divine Laws for Awakening your Best Self.