Melissa Spence – Guest Contributor
Feb 27 @ 11:09 am
Allen Area Patriots Hosts Sheriff Jim Skinner



Central Standard Time



Allen Municipal Building
301 Century Pkwy
Allen, Texas 75013

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While the debate rages on in Washington about the wisdom of building 300+ miles of steel barrier across certain strategic locations on our US/Mexico border, federal, state and local law enforcement continue to try and stem the flood of narcotics and human trafficking that the Mexican Cartels and transnational organized crime syndicates are responsible for introducing into the United States.  Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner will speak about the creation of the North Texas Sheriffs Criminal Interdiction Unit, a cooperative effort among eight North Texas Sheriffs in the DFW Metroplex, who have seized over $20M in narcotics and dangerous drugs, $1.5M dollars in cash, rescued two missing children and made over 85 felony arrests in its first 13 months of operations.  The extraordinary success of this new unit has resulted in an invitation for Sheriff Skinner to speak with DHS officials and staff from the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security, while at the National Sheriffs’ Association Mid-Winter Conference in Washington, D.C.  These government officials are interested in duplicating similar units with other sheriffs across the United States.  Sheriff Skinner will talk about the effects that our porous border has on our communities located in the interior of our Nation. As most Texas Sheriffs have now become accustomed to saying, “We are all border counties now."