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School-Pons The School-Pons website is a central spot to obtain coupons for local business while benefitting Allen ISD.

By Megan Lucas, BubbleLife Intern

The Foundation for Allen Schools has introduced a new fundraising campaign: School-Pons.  

“We’re just starting to really try and get publicity out,” Director of the Foundation for Allen Schools Regina Taylor said. “Make people aware that it’s there, it’s free [and] they can get coupons from merchants and businesses.”

The McKinney-based company has partnered with the foundation to generate revenue at no expense to Allen by providing an online space for users to get coupons from local businesses. Advertisers pay to display their ad on the School-Pons website, and a portion of the advertising cost goes directly to the foundation.

“It’s a simple program, and from a nonprofit standpoint, it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort for us,” Taylor said. “But they give funding back to us based on the amount of advertising they’re able to get on their site, and we don’t have to do a whole lot.”

Taylor said that the more people sign up for the free coupons, the more likely advertisers are to put coupons on the website. She said she thinks the program has raised about $2,000 since it started last fall.

“[If] more people sign up, then [School-Pons] can say to merchants and advertisers, ‘We got this many people signed up and looking for coupon,’” Taylor said.  “And we put that money [we get] into our grant program and our scholarship program.”

The coupons on the website range from local restaurants to tutoring centers discounts and can be claimed by signing up on the School-Pons website. 

“It’s free of charge, free to the public,” Taylor said. “So I hope its beneficial.”