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Tuso with her horse at the San Antonio Horse Show in February.

By Megan Lucas, BubbleLife Intern 

With hundreds of horse shows under her belt and a win at the world championship level, Allen High School junior Taylor Tuso has one more horsemanship accomplishment to add to her ranks: a $10,000 scholarship from last month’s San Antonio Horse Show.

“I was really excited [when I got the scholarship,]” Tuso said. “That was the reason I went, and I fulfilled my goal.”

The scholarship is annually awarded to three horsemanship classes at the San Antonio show – one each for All-Around, English and Western riding. Tuso was awarded the scholarship in the English riding category, although she placed in all three. The only requirement of the scholarship is that Tuso use it for a Texas college.

“It can be [used] for any type of major, not just an agricultural major,” Tuso said. “I want to be a vet anyways, so I’ll just put it toward that.”

Although Tuso regularly shows three Paint Horses – Calvin, Caleb and Charlie – she said the horse she used for the competition wasn’t actually her own.

 “I borrowed it from my friend, and I kept it here in Allen for like six or seven weeks to prepare for [the show] and then I gave it back to her afterward,” Tuso said. “She had already won the scholarship on that horse, like two years prior to me going, and she told me that when it was my turn she would lend him to me, to ensure that I would win it.”

Tuso said she started horseback riding at 6 and a half years old.

My mom [rode horses,]” Tuso said. “She showed us pictures, and my sister and I decided we wanted to do it too. I just rode old, broke horses that were easy to ride, and I went to a camp and stuff, and I started taking lessons.”

Tuso said she wants to attend Texas A&M when she graduates high school and become a veterinarian.