April 20, 2017 For Immediate Release


Bell Candidacy Signals Changing Demographics


Allen, Texas—Democrat Adam Bell has announced he will once again be a candidate for United States House of Representatives from Texas’ third district. This announcement is indicative of the incontrovertible fact the demographics and political leanings in Collin County continue to change. This electoral metamorphosis calls for a candidate that represents all of Collin County, not just the partisan interests of years past.


Mr. Bell is a family oriented, freedom loving, native of Texas. Prior to moving to Allen in 2001 he lived in Richardson, where he grew up. Mr. Bell is a small business owner and job creator, not a career politician. Bell and his wife April, have two daughters and currently reside in Allen.

Mr. Bell is running again due to a strong need to give back to his country; and because of the extreme lack of moderate candidates in the field.


“I firmly believe that elected officials should be stewards of the constitution and advocates for their constituents rather than highly compensated puppets of a broken political system,” said Bell.

Bell is encouraged from his race in 2016, where he received nearly 110,000 votes. Bell will once again promote a position of inclusion and moderation, in direct contrast to the pro Tea Party, ultra conservative and in most cases, duplicitous ideology espoused by the other potential candidates.


Bell looks forward to a thoughtful and productive campaign; and serving to represent all of Collin County in the United States Congress.


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