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What It's Like to Be an Allen Americans Ice Angel

Flashy costumes, synchronized routines, perfect hair; there are many things that come to mind when Allen Americans fans think about their Ice Angels — but how much do we really know about the training and effort that goes into being part of the award-winning dance team? 

Today on BubbleLife, we have two Ice Angels with us to talk about their role on the team and what it means to them. 

Captain Kaylee Foster began by revealing how busy life can be as a part-time dancer. “Most of us have full-time jobs and/or are in college,” she said. “We spend our days at our day jobs and our evenings practicing, working out, or at a game. It is very challenging! I have a pretty demanding full-time job, and when you add dance, workouts, and games on top of that, it can definitely be overwhelming.” 

To keep up with the physical and mental demands of the job, Captain Kristin Dodd prioritizes her health on a daily basis. “In order to maintain a busy schedule, I have to make sure I am eating healthy, well-balanced meals, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water. Days off are far and few between, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally is key.”

When we asked about training and preparation, both immediately jumped to talking about the skill all Ice Angels are required to have.

“To be able to make it at the professional dance level, it takes years of training and preparation,” Dodd said. “Not only do you have to have dance technique, you have to be in great physical shape and also be a show-stopping performer. Even for girls who have been dancing their whole lives, it can often take several auditions before making the team.”

Despite the rigorous schedules and demanding workouts, both women love being Allen Americans Ice Angels.

“My teammates can make any rainy day brighter, and our team is truly a sisterhood — more so than any other team I've been a part of,” Foster said. “I believe in using every talent and attribute you have to pour out into the world. Being a member of this team helps me achieve just that. Every day, I wake up thankful that I get to live out a purposeful life where I am doing all the things I am passionate about!”

Similarly, Dodd praised the bond between teammates and the ability to embrace her passion. “I love the tribe of sisters that comes with making the team. I know that if I ever need anything I could call one of my teammates and they would be there in a second. We really build each other up and support each other. [Also], I love getting to do what I love doing every day. Dance isn't just what I do, it's who I am.”

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Friday, January 18, 2019