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Allen’s Community Theatre presents Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, adapted by Christopher Sergel.   Performances are October 2-18, Thursday, Friday,  Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm.  

Based upon the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Harper Lee, this coming of age story set in Maycomb, Alabama in 1935 is still so relevant that we could watch these events unfold today on the news. Through the eyes of children we see ourselves and our prejudices all too clearly. This play has difficult themes of racism and rape but also of hope that we can change our times.

Lauren Burgess - Jean Louis Finch (Scout)

Collin Chapman - Jeremy Finch (Jem)

Bill Olds - Atticus Finch

Kristina Rosetl - Calpurnia

Jo Schenck - Maudie Atkinson

Debbie Deverich - Stephanie Crawford

Cher Shinavar - Mrs Dubose

LaMar Graham - Arthur Radley (Boo)

Ben Jameson - Charles Baker Harris (Dill)

Doug Smetzer - Heck Tate

Richard Stephens Sr. - Judge Taylor

Elyssann Underwood - Mayella Ewell

Lloyd Webb - Bob Ewell

Pete Mason - Walter Cunningham

LaMar Graham - Mr Gilmer

Fred Tee - Tom Robinson

Russ Schenck - Clerk

Ken Blyer - Man

 Show is directed by Robyn Mead and co-produced by Cher Shinavar & LaMar Graham.

 Performances: Allen’s Community Theatre (ACT), 1206 E. Main Street #105, Allen, Texas 75002 (SW corner of Allen Heights and Main Street)  For more information visit:

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