St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry Meeting



Central Standard Time



St. Jude Catholic Church
1515 North Greenville Avenue
Plano, Texas 75002

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1 Jack Bick, Certified Career Coach practicing in Collin County, TX, and the Mission Critical Job creator, will lead the summary discussion at the March 14 meeting.

Jack Bick, former publisher of the Dallas Business Journal and the Collin County Business Press, will lead the discussion at the fifth - and final - installment of the new five-week career marketing workshop being offered by the St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry at its Wednesday morning meeting on March 21.  Titled Mission Critical Job: Get the Job of Your Dreams, the new curriculum is designed to help participants develop skills that will enable them to continuously move their careers forward. At the first session, each participant will receive an outline of the new program.  However, the complete curriculum materials are available in an online book titled Mission Critical Job that participants can purchase for $15.00. Mr. Bick is the Mission Critical Job creator. March 21 Topic: Mission Critical Job - Summary: How It All Works Together. The St. Jude Career Alliance is a ministry helping college students, career builders and those who are unemployed/underemployed to develop individual career strategies that meets at 9:00 AM cost every Wednesday at St. Jude Parish in Allen, TX. Each Mission Critical Job session will begin with a "review" of the previous sessions so that participants can catch up quickly. Attendance at this career marketing workshop is free of charge.  It is also open to all people of any faith, ethnicity, age, etc.  Everyone is welcome!  

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