At its Wednesday morning meeting on February 17, the St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry will begin its intensive career workshop series that is designed to enable each participant to create an individual career strategy.  The four-week curriculum presents a seven-step process that targets three key groups: college students, career builders and those who are unemployed/underemployed.  These workshop sessions begin at 9:00 AM and conclude at noon.   


The four-week program incorporates the St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry's "fast track" curriculum for the seven-step series based on the Crossroads Career(R) Network Program (, which is a nationwide Christian-based job-search process. A fifth session - a three-hour comprehensive review - has been added to enable participants to fill in and complete any topic areas they might have missed during one of the earlier sessions. 


"Since we introduced our 'fast track' program in July 2014, we have discovered it can be equally enriching for college students and those already involved in the career advancement process," said Jack Bick, Volunteer Coordinator for the  St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry.  "As a result, our career workshop program now focuses on three specific participant positions: college students, career builders and those who are unemployed/underemployed.  We are pleased to report that - to date - our Seven-Step Crossroads Career Series has helped more than 225 unemployed/underemployed participants to land new jobs."


The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry Crossroads Career "fast track" career workshop program will be open to all.  It is recommended that participants purchase a Crossroads Career workbook for $15.00.


The four-week Crossroads Career "fast track" curriculum will be presented at St. Jude Parish in Allen, TX on four successive Wednesdays from 9:00 AM to noon, beginning on February 17 and concluding on March 9.  The three-hour comprehensive review is scheduled for Wednesday, March 16, beginning at 9:00 AM. The seven-steps and their corresponding topics to be discussed during each of the three-hour sessions will be:

Week 1

Step 1-----Upward - Hear & Follow God's Calling

Step 2-----Attitude - Reach Forward

Week 2

Step 3-----Aptitude - Discover Your Best

Week 3:

Step 4-----Altitude - Target Opportunities

Step 5-----Searching - Seek to Serve

Week 4:

Step 6-----Sorting - WOW Interviews

Step 7-----Selecting - Walk in Good Works

Week 5:

Comprehensive Review of All Topics Included in Seven-Step Series


Each weekly session will include homework assignments, individual weekly progress reviews and networking as well as one-on-one opportunities to  consult with speakers and leaders.  Participants are welcome to bring snacks or a sack lunch.


The St. Jude Career Alliance is a ministry helping college students, career builders and those who are unemployed/underemployed to develop  individual career strategies that meets at 9:00 AM every Wednesday at St. Jude Parish in Allen, TX. 


St. Jude Catholic Church is located at 1515 North Greenville Avenue, between Exchange Parkway and Stacy Road.  Attendees should park in the northeast lot and use the entrance between the church and the parish offices.


In addition to speakers and presentations at weekly Wednesday morning meetings, the St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry offers training in job search skills, support groups and job hunting resources.


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