Beginning with its Wednesday morning meeting on April 19, the St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry will be offering a new career marketing workshop titled Discovery: Marketing My CareerDiscovery follows a traditional marketing process because everyone who is looking for a job is in a marketing role whether they realize it or not.  Discovery is designed to help make participants competent and comfortable in the role of marketing themselves and their careers.  At the April 19 meeting, two local recruiters will participate in a 45-minute question-&-answer session on job search/job landing strategies.  In addition, Jack Bick, a Certified Career Coach practicing in Collin County, TX, and the Discovery creator, will present an overview of the new career marketing workshop. 

The Discovery curriculum is designed to help participants develop skills that will enable them to continuously move their careers forward. The Discovery workshop strives to guide participants out of their "comfort zones" to enable them to personalize each job search step to win their desired job.  

The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry will present the Discovery: Marketing My Career workshop 9:00 AM to noon each Wednesday for six consecutive weeks beginning on April 19 in the Lecture Hall at St. Jude Parish in Allen, TX.  The specific topics to be addressed each week are:

APRIL 19--Recruiters Q&A Session + Preview of Discovery/Marketing My Career Workshop

Recruiters: Ash Rao, Senior Corporate Recruiter at Verizon & Founder of, and Phil Resch, Partner, Sandhurst Group & Veterans Employment Connections.

Preview Presenter: Jack Bick, Certified Career Coach practicing in Collin County, TX, and the Discovery creator. 

APRIL 26--Discovery: Product/Yourself

Presenter: Mike Karson, Retired Lawyer & Educator.  "How can you convince would-be employers that you have what they need without first truly understanding what you have to offer?  You can't.  Discovery 1 will provide you with some tools for introspection that will enable you to undertake a deep, personal dive and reveal what makes you uniquely qualified to solve a prospective employer's business problems," comments Mr. Karson.  

MAY 3--Discovery: Resume/Impact

Presenter: Steve Mauser, Retired Business Development Manager, Advanced Programs, Siemens Energy; Consultant - Hardware & Software Solutions Innovator for Energy Systems. "A successful job search requires a strong marketing plan with meaningful and impactful marketing materials -- unique selling proposition, name tag, resume, transmittal and thank you letters, etc. -- and a marketing strategy for using these materials," said Mr. Mauser.

MAY 10--Discovery: Targeted Search/Touch Points

Presenter: Deacon Shawn French, Training & Learning Professional and Training Program Manager for Faith Formation at Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church, Dallas, TX.  "A successful career landing demands an intimate knowledge of the solution-set-of-self and how to best market that value-proposition to potential customers (employers). Get ready for a deep dive of self and the tools available to exploit your search to the maximum," commented Deacon Shawn French. 

MAY 17--Discovery: Interview/Conversation

Presenter: Walter Glass, Interview Success Coach.  Mr. Glass explains that "a conversational interview is the best venue for positively differentiating ourselves because it enables us to show who we are, what we have done with who we are, and how that helps solve needs and problems."

MAY 24--Discovery: Summary - How it All Works Together

Presenter: Jack Bick. "This session will unite the four Discovery Experiences, and show the participants that when they follow the program consistently and fully, they will find a job in 120 days," stated Mr. Bick, who is also the former publisher of the Dallas Business Journal and Inside Collin County Business, now the Collin County Business Press.

The Discovery workshop is applicable for participants who want to start their careers off right. It is designed to help enhance a person's career path as well as get a career back on the path in case of unemployment.  When used correctly and continuously, Discovery can help a person build a great career with few and short career gaps.

This career marketing workshop is free of charge and open to all people of any faith, ethnicity, age, etc.   A workbook will be included and, for those who complete all session of the program, there will be a certificate of completion.  Each session will begin with a "review" of the previous sessions so that participants can catch up quickly.

The St. Jude Career Alliance is a ministry helping college students, career builders and those who are unemployed/underemployed to develop individual career strategies that meets at 9:00 AM most every Wednesday at St. Jude Parish in Allen, TX.   

St. Jude Catholic Church is located at 1515 North Greenville Avenue, between Exchange Parkway and Stacy Road.  Attendees should park in the northeast lot and use the entrance between the church and the parish offices.

In addition to the Discovery workshops, the ministry offers other career-oriented speakers and presentations at weekly Wednesday morning meetings as well as training in job search skills, support groups and job hunting resources.

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