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PJ Dunn, C.C.P., Dunn Coaching Dunn Consulting

Are you in a job search and, in your intensity to land a new position, you have based your entire identity on being gainfully employed? If so, you will want to check out the Zoom meeting being offered by the St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry on Wednesday morning, 9:00-10:30 AM, March 24.  According to PJ Dunn, C.C.P., Dunn Coaching Dunn Consulting, a key component in successfully landing a new position is to liberate ourselves from the notion that our self-worth is tied up only in our jobs.  As the Expert Speaker, Mr. Dunn will present strategies for stressing less and living more during a job search.  Mr. Dunn will also emphasize the importance of realizing that, while your job is a place where you get to utilize your talents, it is these same talents that will help you land your next significant new job opportunity.  


Interested parties who wish to join this Zoom meeting should click on:

Pass Code:  019521


Mr. Dunn, who is a Behavioral Scientist, a Professional Development Coach, and a Professional Speaker & Educator, is often described as a “critical thinker with a heart for human flourishing.”  Mr. Dunn inspires executives and transitioning professionals on how to polish their natural strengths while managing weaknesses.  He is energized by helping leaders and companies discover the patterns that are serving them and the tendencies that are not. Mr. Dunn is a certified coach practitioner through the Certified Coaching Federation and master certified Strengths Champion in the Strengths-based psychology movement.  He coaches lawyers from the associate to the partner level, solo law firms to mid-size firms, C-level executive boards, sales teams, business owners and financial services industry executives who needs traction when processing specific goals.  Mr. Dunn’s website:  Mr. Dunn’s LinkedIn profile:


The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry provides tools that job seekers can use to create a strategy and tactics for finding a new job. Each Expert Speaker presentation is designed to provide participants with insights for achieving quick employment.  The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry meets via Zoom at 9:00 AM most every Wednesday morning (  The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry also offers a complete job search curriculum that teaches essential skills for landing your dream job. Participation in all St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry Zoom meetings is free of charge.  These meetings are also open to all people of any faith, ethnicity, age, etc.  Everyone is welcome!


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