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John McDorman, Managing Partner, Transition Consulting

Does your Covid-19 job search plan include a section on recognizing and avoiding the top ten mistakes a job seeker makes?  In a job search, mistakes can cause delays.  They can extend your search and diminish your chances of success.  John McDorman, Managing Partner, Transition Consulting, will be the Expert Speaker at the Wednesday morning, December 2, 9:00-10:30 AM, Zoom meeting offered by the St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry.  In his presentation, Mr. McDorman will examine the 10 most common job seeker mistakes and how to effectively deal with each one:

  1. How to move on with a proper PARTING.
  2. How to gain a proper PERSPECTIVE.
  3. How to set a proper PACE.
  4. How to be properly POINTED at the right target.
  5. How to prepare a proper PACKAGE.
  6. How to learn to properly PROMOTE.
  7. How to deliver a proper PITCH.
  8. How to negotiate a proper PRICE.
  9. How to sustain proper PERSERVERANCE.
  10. How to remain in proper PRAYER.

Interested parties who wish to join this Zoom meeting should click on:

Pass Code:  019521


Transition Consulting is a firm that helps its clients move people into, out of and up through their organizations.  Since 1990, the firm has provided search support, outplacement services and professional development to a wide variety of clients.  Sought after by both local and national media, Mr. McDorman has often been quoted in the press and featured on television.  He appeared in two major video productions from Fortune Magazine titled “Get the Job You Really Want: Proven Job Search Strategies” and “Keep Your Job! The Secrets to Being Indispensable.”  Mr. McDorman is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with an undergraduate degree in Systems Engineering and an MBA.  Mr. McDorman’s LinkedIn Profile:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry provides tools that job seekers can use to create a strategy and tactics for finding a new job. Each Expert Speaker presentation is designed to provide participants with insights for achieving quick employment.  The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry meets via Zoom at 9:00 AM most every Wednesday morning (


The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry also offers a complete job search curriculum that teaches essential skills for landing your dream job. Participation in all St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry Zoom meetings is free of charge.  These meetings are also open to all people of any faith, ethnicity, age, etc.  Everyone is welcome!


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