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As a job seeker, are you aware that Career Search Network data have shown that over 73% of job seekers network into potential companies for their next career positions?  This data shows that it is better to spend more of your time networking with target company employees rather than just submitting applications on “job boards.”  How do job seekers find these companies?  Kipp Lifson, Vice President/Director Data Privacy & Compliance Consultant, and Mike Ray, Vice President/Director Marketing & Product Management, have developed a workshop titled Identify & Research Target Companies” using the Reference Solutions database (formerly called ReferenceUSA).  As the Expert Speakers at the Wednesday morning, March 3, 9:00-10:30 AM Zoom meeting that is being offered by the St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry, Messrs. Lifson & Ray will present their workshop on how this easy-to-use platform provides users access to company information which is beneficial to job seekers. This database tool is free from many local libraries in the DFW Metroplex.   

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Messrs. Lifson and Ray have presented the benefits of Reference Solutions to over 800 people in the Career Search Network groups in the DFW Metroplex.  Many who have already attended the “Identify & Research Target Companies” workshop consider it a “must attend” for job seekers.  This workshop is designed to empower job seekers to identify potential companies for their next career success.  Messrs. Lifson and Ray have used the power provided by the Reference Solutions database to research companies in their own career transitions and are now sharing these “best practices” with workshops attendees. 

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The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry provides tools that job seekers can use to create a strategy and tactics for finding a new job. Each Expert Speaker presentation is designed to provide participants with insights for achieving quick employment.  The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry meets via Zoom at 9:00 AM most every Wednesday morning (

The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry also offers a complete job search curriculum that teaches essential skills for landing your dream job. Participation in all St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry Zoom meetings is free of charge.  These meetings are also open to all people of any faith, ethnicity, age, etc.  Everyone is welcome!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021