The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry announces that - beginning with its Wednesday morning meeting on February 21, 9:00 AM to noon, and continuing through Wednesday, March 21 - it will offer a new career marketing workshop titled Mission Critical Job: Get the Career of Your Dreams. At the first session, each participant will receive an outline of this new program.  However, the complete curriculum materials are available in an online book titled Mission Critical Job that participants can purchase for $15.00.  These online book materials include:

  • 12 Mission Critical Job Objectives
  • 28 Helpful Work Sheets and Scripts
  • 91 Insightful Check Lists

The new curriculum is designed to help participants develop skills that will enable them to continuously move their careers forward.  The Mission Critical Job workshop strives to guide participants out of their "comfort zones" to enable them to personalize each job search step to win not only their desired job, but also the career of their dreams.

"In 2017, the St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry helped to enable 54 job landings.  This is a 35% increase over the 40 job landings realized in 2016," said Jack Bick, Certified Career Coach practicing in Collin County, TX and the Mission Critical Job creator.  "We believe that this new career marketing program will challenge the participants to incorporate all the knowledge, skills and experience they have to offer an employer and sharpen their ability to effectively communicate these personalized assets."

The Mission Critical Job workshop targets three specific audiences:

  • Those Who Are Unemployed/Underemployed and Seeking Suitable Employment.
  • Those Who Are Striving to Advance Their Careers; and
  • Those Who Are Endeavoring to Make a Career Change.

The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry will present the Mission Critical Job: Get the Career of Your Dreams workshop 9:00 AM to noon each Wednesday for five consecutive weeks beginning on February 21 in the Lecture Hall at St. Jude Parish in Allen, TX.  The specific topics to be addressed each week are:

FEBRUARY 21-------Mission Critical Job: Product/Yourself

Presenter: Mike Karson, Retired Lawyer, and Educator.

FEBRUARY 28-------Mission Critical Job: Resume/Impact

Presenter: Jack Bick.  Mr. Bick is also the former publisher of the Dallas Business Journal and the Collin County Business Press.  In 2008, Mr. Bick sold the Collin County Business Press.

MARCH 7-------------Mission Critical Job:  Targeted Search/Touch Points

Presenter: Greg Mechler, Partner, The Human Advantage, Inc.

MARCH 14-----------Mission Critical Job: Interview/Conversation

Presenter: Walter Glass, Interview Success Coach 

MARCH 21-----------Mission Critical Job: Summary - How it All Works Together.

Presenter: Jack Bick.

Attendance at this career marketing workshop is free of charge.  It is also open to all people of any faith, ethnicity, age, etc. Each session will begin with a "review" of the previous sessions so that participants can catch up quickly.

The St. Jude Career Alliance is a ministry helping college students, career builders and those who are unemployed/underemployed to develop individual career strategies that meets at 9:00 AM most every Wednesday at St. Jude Parish in Allen, TX.

St. Jude Catholic Church is located at 1515 North Greenville Avenue, between Exchange Parkway and Stacy Road. Attendees should park in the northeast lot and use the entrance between the church and the parish offices.

In addition to the career marketing workshops, the ministry offers other career-oriented speakers and presentations at weekly Wednesday morning meetings as well as training in job search skills, support groups and job hunting resources.

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