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Not Just Noise The cover of Noise's first Issue, released Nov. 21

For a young artist, finding a way to showcase one’s work can be one of the most challenging obstacles in self-expression.

Last week, high school writer Makayla Nerpel was featured for her national poetry award. Nerpel ‘s work most recently appeared in a new publication called Noise.

Created by sophomore Joshua Magpantay, the very first issue of Noise was released on Nov. 21, and a new issue will be published each quarter. Noise includes a variety of creative works, including poetry, prose, short stories, visual art, opinions and playlists.

“I started the zine as a side project to get the opportunity to design something cool in print,” Magpantay said. “The thing is, along the way I found I couldn’t fill a book with all content from me.”

The focus of Noise then shifted from solely Magpantay’s expression to a way to showcase the work of many creative minds.

“I’ve seen too many artists with great work who don’t show anyone, solely because they don’t have the means to,” Magpantay said.

For writers like Nerpel, this means is vital to expression.

"The internet can help, but it can only get you so far," Nerpel said. "Noise ... allows people to get their work out to others in a tangible form so they can literally spread it to whoever they come into contact with."

Noise is a completely independent publication, started and run by Magpantay and comprised solely of content by independent young writers.

“This is all real stuff,” Magpantay said. “This is all raw, fresh from the people who created it.”

From submission to publication, nothing is changed in featured work.

"It's a beautiful way for students to get their creative work seen without having to deal with censorship or restricions," Nerpel said.

Creative work is welcomed from anyone on Noise’s submission page.

“That was one of the main goals of this ... keeping a place for people to place their work and share it with the world,” Magpantay said.

Overall, Noise can best be summed up by its mission statement:

“... We are all more than just noise. We are tones ... that resonate in harmony with the visuals we create, with the words we use to strike pages, with the opinions and thoughts we sound out.”

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