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Teachers and students of Allen High School participated in a new school program presented by Foresters, Tech Timeout. Foresters, an international life insurance provider committed to family well-being, launched the Tech Timeout Academic Challenge. This innovative program encourages teenagers and also adults to disconnect from technology for a short period of time.


Over 50 teachers and students participated in the program to go without technology and social media for three days and the outcome had a profound effect. Many students said that once they had put down their phones and gave up social media, they became more involved in and out of the classroom. Even after the program had ended, seven out of ten students chose to continue without their technology and interact more with people.


However, this challenge proved to be difficult for many students who thought it was rather easy and simple to give up technology for a couple of days. Four out of five students said that the first day was the most challenging. They were used to checking Facebook or Instagram every couple of hours, and found themselves having an itch to pick up a phone and check their social media. But once they got over the two-day mark, the students realized that giving up technology isn’t as hard as they thought it was.


The Tech Timeout Academic Challenge has proven to be an effective program for teachers and students around the country, and has given people the opportunity to finally realize that technology isn’t everything. 

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