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Race Hinkle at Prom 2006

Race Hinkle, a former Allen High School student, is now an Allen High Pre-AP World History teacher.

“I have lived in Allen since I was eight,” Hinkle said. “I had a great experience at Allen, and knew that the teachers and staff were great and supportive of students, and I wanted to be a part of that type of educational environment.” Hinkle has been teaching for two years, and has taught at Allen High School for both. “I am blessed to be able to work in a place that I care deeply about,” Hinkle said.  “Allen is a great place to teach, teachers have a lot of support from administrators and parents, and the kids are awesome as well.”

Over the years, Hinkle has noticed some changes at Allen High such as more leniencies with students about cell phones and school dress code. “The biggest changes that I have noticed are the freedoms that students [now] have,” Hinkle said. “I remember when I was a student here [and] we could not have cell phones out in class, guys had to be clean shaven, and could not have long hair. Also, the stadium and PAC have totally changed the way people view the high school.”

Hinkle has always had a passion for history, and has enjoyed it from an early age. “I remember my parents taking me to Civil War battlefields, houses of Presidents, and was always fascinated in history,” Hinkle said. “I wanted to teach something that I enjoyed, and history was it.”

Hinkle’s experience as a student in Allen was “great”, and remembers, “being excited to come to school, and the school atmosphere was positive.” Coming to work every day knowing that he is helping students understand something that he is very passionate about, is what Hinkle enjoys the most about working at Allen. “My definition of success is doing something that God has planned for me, and I know that I am at Allen High School because God has placed me here,” Hinkle said.

The biggest challenge Hinkle has faced has been trying to find “ways to get history across to all students, not just the ones who are eager to learn.” “I love my job and I always tell my students to do something with their life that they will enjoy,” Hinkle said. “I think the hardest [part] is trying to get across to the students who have no desire to be at school or learn.”

Hinkle has no regrets coming back to Allen to teach, and has plans for the near future. “In five years I would like to be an assistant principal at the elementary or high school level somewhere in Allen,” Hinkle said. “I can’t imagine myself doing anything outside of education.”

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