Shaun That KelticDead Guy

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There are ancient markers in many parts of the world that signify a great mystery of the Earth. Standing stones, carns, old churches, and other structures are often at these center marker places or found along a path of a system of ancient "straight lines" that point to other centers of power/energy and these paths have proven to extend around the world. These paths are also called "ley lines." In many of these center places (still found in Europe and in Britain), you might find a marker on the ground or a carving or a stain glass image of St. George slaying the dragon. Even today, many groups participate in "walking" along these paths as a sort of pilgrimage to find a mysterious place where they might find "sighe" (shey) spirits or gain some understanding of the world and universe around them. There are several "mystery" tunes in the Celtic-Folk music genre, and they usually have "Road To" in their titles. The KelticDead Music Group arrangement created this tune as a progression where one instrument combines with others in their journey to one of these mysterious places, and as always the KDM Group plays this tune using live instruments that are normally used in Celtic music sessions. 

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