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Turlough OCarolan was Ireland's most famous blind harpist in the late 17th Century into the 18th Century. At 16 he was blinded by smallpox, and yet continued on with his skills as a minstrel which in those days was a respected profession in Ireland. He composed SidheBeg, SidheMor as his first composition about an ancient battle that was fought in the area of his first patron, Squire Reynolds. The tune became his most popular and famous tune out of the more than 200 musical compositions he is accredited with in his lifetime. Our KelticDead Music Group plays a variant of this famous tune with live instruments commonly used in Celtic music sessions. The meaning of the tune is "spirit little, spirit large" and refers to the fayrie (mystery) world in the region of Lough Scur in Ireland where Squire Reynolds lived. As Gaelic had no written script in Turlough's day the spelling has many forms; SiBegSiMor, SheebegSheeMor, SighBegSighMor, and a few others.  Also visit the Current Broadside page in the KelticDead Music website.

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