Shaun That KelticDead Guy

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This KDM Video selection is a variant of a Celtic Folk song from the 1700s.  I sang the ballad from a man's view set in the mid 1800s during a Potato Blight in Ireland, Scotland and England where millions of refugees crowded into port cities in hopes to escape death. Millions of girls and boys suffered starvation, disease, prostitution (as young as 10 years old), and imprisonment for even the slightest infraction. Because Eric Burdon (Animals) during the 1960s picked up on this Celtic ballad while on tour with Chuck Berry and adapted the song to what seemed like an American based ballad many thought it was an American Folk song for many years.

KelticDead Music Group (Myself, Earnie Taft, and Linda King) created lyrics (made public) to focus the theme of the KDM Broadside on these mid-1800 events and times. We arranged and played the tune with live instruments that are commonly found and used in Celtic music sessions. The KelticDead Music Initiative presents audio-video arrangements of Celtic, Folk, Old Time, and Seafaring tunes and songs that are now found throughout the world. Visit . It's all free and all fun.


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