Shaun That KelticDead Guy

In the mid-1800s, the whaling industry was the major industry throughout the world. Fortunately, for the "right whales," this industry no longer became relevant, once oil became known and used. This song is very popular in the New Zealand region about a crew that was stuck upon a "packet ship" tied to a whale that refused to be caught. The story behind this sea ballad is about the Wellerman Brothers and is even more interesting than the ballad itself. The KelticDead Music Group uses live instruments commonly used in Celtic music to present these tunes to promote interest for folk who may want to play the tunes. 

The KelticDead Music Initiative is a FREE on-line, web-based music-education resource about Celtic, Folk, Old Time, and Sea Faring tunes, songs and stories that are now found throughout the world and in every culture. For more information about this initiative, visit .

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