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In 1916 a young Scots soldier, Donald Choruna, wrote a letter while fighting in the trenches in WWI to his love in Scotland. It was written in Scots Gaelic, and I translated four of the verses into English to set into the melody composed for it. I arranged the tune to play with the Low-octave, Irish-tuned Mandolin (aka Irish Bouzouki), the Asturias C whistle, the MK1 Low-C whistle, and the bodhran. 
Over 17 million people died in that WW1 conflict; The "War to end all Wars." In the early 20th Century WWI was the last of the European (Continental) Wars that actually began in the 1600s. Even in the 1600s, terms like "New World Order," and "Global Government" were used. The United States and other countries were brought into WWI near the end which then ushered in a new kind of "Global Warfare." The results of the defeat of the old Germany gave birth to the NAZI regime which ushered in the conflicts of WWII. Concepts of "Marxist/Communists" followed that, and in the end, it was/is yet another form of control over people. This is why the concept of the rights of man being endowed by God in the U.S. Constitution has been (and continues to be) so hated by those who embrace the NWO. 
The madness of these wars spills over into all the same tactics that have been used in warfare since man first began fighting for power and control over others, now affecting economies, food supplies, and genocides (on a global scale). The more one learns of the history in these "wars," the more one can see the reasons for why they continue, and possibly, this clarity gives us a chance of ending this madness once and for all. It is an evil on a scale that is hard to fathom, ... but we must try for the sake of our children and for our world.
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