5 Tips to Clean a Baseboard in Home

If your baseboards are coated in dirt, dust or grime, use these five ways to clean them. By using a damp sponge, dishwashing soap, or wood cleaner, you will be able to effectively remove the dirt from your baseboards , without harming the wood.

Start from the top , making sure you concentrate on the uppermost area of the base. Repeat this procedure for each baseboard and allow the cleaner air to dry.

Utilizing the Broom to clean baseboards

Cleaning using a broom can be difficult, especially when you have to climb upwards and downwards to get into the corner. But, you don't need to give up cleaning the baseboards just because you're easy.

It's possible to convert the kitchen broom to an apron-duster to use for your baseboard. Simply spread a piece of microfiber on bristles, and secure a massive rubber band around the handle.

The rag should be wrapped around the bristles prior to placing it about a third the way down on the base. Make sure to tuck it into any loose corners.

By using a cotton swab to dust the baseboard

Before you use the cotton swab, or a cotton swab for cleaning the baseboard, it's important to remove dirt or dust that has built up. In order to do this, you have to make use of one gallon of warm water and fragrant with dish soap. You can make the use of microfiber or a sponge submerged in the solution.

You can also make use of a magic eraser such as Mr. Clean, but it is important that you don't scrub too hard. If you have areas to clean which are difficult to reach, you can use the cotton swab which has been submerged in a solution for cleaning.

Utilize Dryer sheet for dusting the baseboard

There are a variety of ways to clean the baseboards at home. One option is using dryer sheets. While they're not identical to bleach or chemical cleaners however, they can remove dirt from many surfaces.

One sheet of paper could be used to clean the baseboard. It will also help keep your clothes clean and free of static. In addition to cleaning the baseboard, dryer sheets are also excellent for cleaning small furniture.

Furthermore, you can use sheets to perform other tasks, such as cleaning windows or even smaller electronic equipment. They also give an appearance that is shiny.

Making use of a carpet cleaner clean baseboards

A carpet shampooer can be a successful method to remove staining especially on the baseboards. This product is great for baseboards that are usually coated with dirt and dust.

Before using carpet shampooers for your flooring, make sure you try the product on a small area first. This allows you to test the product on a surface which is not invasive prior to cleaning the entire floor. Buy cleaning supplies online here

Use socks to clean baseboard

If you're in search of ways to clean, you might consider using an old, stained cloth to wash the baseboards. Spray the sock with a cleaning solution and move it across the baseboards. Wash it thoroughly.

Repeat the process until you are done as you need to and you'll be able to get your bases spotless in just a few minutes. Make sure you take out any excess water to make sure that the baseboard doesn't get too wet.

These tips will give you ideas to clean your baseboards. If you're in need of cleaning products, visit our website to locate specific products to take care of your baseboards.

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