How To Clean Toilet Bowl Stains

Cleaning the toilet is an arduous task. Sometimes, cleaning products that contain chemicals aren't effective at all. In these instances an inexpensive toothbrush could aid in the removal of hard-to-clean staining. Another option to clean the bathroom is using baking soda. Use this paste on areas that are difficult to reach to clean out the dirt.

Cleaning the exterior of the toilet

Cleaning the exterior of the toilet, you must adhere to safety rules. This means the wearing of safety eyewear and gloves. Additionally, you must apply the spray to disinfect your toilet. Avoid using water to wash the toilet. After cleaning, throw away the towels in a trash container.

To clean the exterior of the toilet first spray an ointment of warm dish soap and water on a separate towel. The next step is to wash the toilet lid as well as the sides. Also, be sure to clean the hinges and lids.

Also, don't forget the edges. The toilet's rim is often hidden from view and therefore, people don't typically clean it thoroughly.

If you wish to maintain the cleanliness of natural stone surfaces you can use a spray for cleaning that isn't a source of acid. Avoid using acids on granite and marble surfaces as they could cause rust on the surfaces. 

Additionally, certain types of black molds are poisonous and pose health risk. These kinds of molds typically develop on porous surfaces following prolonged exposure to water, for instance, following a flood or leak from a pipe.

Cleansing the underside of your toilet bowl


The inside of your toilet bowl could be a soiled area If you're trying to remove those marks, make sure you take care to clean it thoroughly. Although you might be tempted to remove it using a brush, there are other options that you can employ to accomplish the same task efficiently.

The first option is to use the pumice stone. This is not very sharp, but it's hard enough to scratch porcelain. If you notice that the stain is persisting, you can try using bleach or vinegar to eliminate the stains. If you aren't able to remove them using this method, you can try making use of a denture tablet. Be sure to flush them out after a few hours.

The black substance that is formed around the top of the toilet bowl isn't apparent for the untrained eye and can be difficult to wash. This is due to the fact that the edge of the bowl is not as easy to access as the other parts of the bowl.

However, it is visible after the bathroom seat has been lifted. It is vital to avoid the accumulation on black and discoloration and bacterial growth.


Cleaning out the toilet that is clogged

The first step to clean the toilet with a clog is to identify the cause of the blockage. This will make cleaning much easier. If you have a difficult obstruction, you may have to seek out a neighbor's assistance. 

In the event that your neighbor has faced the same issue it is advisable to seek advice from him. Chemical cleaning products can aid in removing the obstruction.

Large objects that are entangled in the toilet could cause it to get clogged. They include broken glass, or putty. When removing these substances, use long gloves and be careful not to touch the bowl. 

It is also possible to purchase plumbing cables. It is a flexible cable that has an attractive tip that turns to clear the sewer.

A plunger can be a useful device to clean an unclean toilet. A quality plunger comes with an end with a bell-shaped rubber shape and a flange that is extended into the toilet. This can help clear off any obstruction and also eliminate unpleasant smells.

Be aware that personal protection are essential. With the proper equipment, you will be able to do the job by cleaning it up thoroughly.

Toilet Cleaning Supplies 

  • Rubber gloves made of waterproof
  • Scrub sponge.
  • The vinegar or the toilet cleaner.
  • Toilet brush.
  • Spray for all-purpose cleaning.
  • Towel or cloth.
  • Pumice stone.
  • Paper towels.

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