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floor cleaning services in Allen Tx

1.- Leave the area to be cleaned free of objects.

2.- Vacuum or dry mop all dust from tile floor

  • If the tile floor has white construction dust, use sand to sweep and with a 32" flat mop sweep the entire surface and remove the sand from the surface.

  • We recommend using a commercial bucket with a yellow wave breaker.

  • The head of the mop no less than 24 oz of thread to be able to pick up all the dirt

  • Use a neutral PH floor cleaner from 7 to 9 PH to avoid damaging the material.

3.- Prepare the water with a floor cleaner and clean the entire tile floor

  • Always after the first mop change the water and use clean water to re-mop the area.

  • If it is very dirty or has construction dust, you should change the water and re-mop the area at least 4 times.

4.- Dry tile floor with a clean mop and use fans for quick drying.

  • After drying, you could check if the tile floor is clean.

  • to clean the grout use an electric brush or manual brush on the area of ??the grout that you want to clean (Never use acid cleaners they damage the tile)


Tile floors receive a lot of dust, hair, from pets and humans it is important for health and allergies to keep them clean daily

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