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Pet hair on the carpet. If it's a problem

 I love my dog and make my life happy from morning to bedtime, she is with me at all times, she is a very nice company. But when it comes to cleaning my pet hairs on the carpet, it drives me crazy. The hairs all over the floor are full of hairs and I can say that it is almost impossible to remove them. 

carpet cleaning

I recommend doing a cleaning routine Routine to get rid of pet hair on the carpet

 To keep the carpet clean I decided to do a routine of vacuuming 3 times a week and every month I use the "CRB" special to remove pet hair on the carpet. I found that the Oreck vacuum cleaner has HEPA filtration, retains 99% (3 filters) and is almost hermetic (dust and hair do not come out), it is light and works very well.

 CRB or called Carpet Shark™ 10? Counter Rotating Brush

 What is the CRB? and how does it works? Just one machine delivers amazing cleaning results. With two powerful counter-rotating cylindrical brushes, agitates carpet fibers and breaks up tough soils like no other machine can.

 This CRB is the carpet cleaner's best friend! to remove pet hair.

 The brushes reach deep into the carpet fibers to pull up loose soil and deposit it into two renovators. This deep-soil removal power is especially helpful on those nasty, heavily soiled carpets. The powerful brushes break up and loosen stuck-on dirt (pet hair)


 It is impossible to eliminate 100% of the pet hair that lives inside our house. but we can eliminate 80% of them with a weekly carpet vacuuming routine. Otherwise the carpet cleaning has come in every year to clean the carpet you can ask him to use the CRB to remove more hair on the carpet

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