Guide to help you find the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home or office.

Dyson Vacuum

1.- Look at the surfaces of your floor

The first important thing to do when it comes to picking out the right cleaner for your home is to look at your floor surfaces.

 There are two major types of floor surfaces, which include soft and hard. 

  • Hard surfaces include things such as wood and tiles.
  • Soft floors include carpets and rugs.

If you are someone who has the hardest surface floors, you probably want to purchase a canister vacuum. stick vacuum or backpack vacuum. And if you are someone who has most carpets or rugs, you might want to get upright. There are also plenty of other options that double as a hard and soft floor cleaners.

Step 2) Determine how much you can spend on your cleaner

The next step to finding the right cleaner is determining the amount of money that you can spend. If you want to find a top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner that could move on a variety of floor surfaces with ease, you might want to consider Dyson.

They are powerful and easy to maneuver. And if you are on a budget, you might want to consider a Dirt Devil or Eureka. Both of these brands have products under $100, that rate better than most.

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