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Deep Cleaning

Parties and events keep coming, especially now that spring is here. If you party hard and often organize events, then you probably experience the best and the worst of this world.

The excitement in planning events and the enthusiasm during parties dies down as soon as you are left to clean up when everything ends and everyone goes home.

This would be the worst and recurring nightmare that you have been through in your life. Trust me, I have been there too.

The disastrous day of my life

I am a senior in TAMU, and quite popular in a few circles. I throw a lot of parties for students to socialize to relieve the pressure from classes and assignments.

However, I am also in charge of a family legacy of organizing events in my neighborhood all through the year.

It is quite hard to plan these things even if you have been doing it all your life because there are a lot of factors to think about and thus you are under a lot of pressure.

There was a time that I had to organize a private party for a family friend sometime early this year. I had received a set of invitations that had to be sent to the guests, and carried it along with me to college, hoping to send it out on my way back.

Somewhere, I must have misplaced an invite to the party, due to which words spread about a 'party' somewhere. You know how we all gatecrash parties right?

So, yes where we expected to have 30 guests, we ended up having over 150.

You cannot imagine the mess at the reception hall, with all freshmen chugging beer that had appeared out of thin air, puke all over the floor somewhere, food fight at one corner of the room, glasses breaking, and me?

I was hoping I would wake up and this would all just be a nightmare. When the raucous ended, it was midnight, and the ones who stayed back to help had no idea how to return the place to its normalcy since there was so much to be cleaned all over the place.

We had paid a $1000 deposit to rent the place for the private party, and now it seemed like we would be paying more for the damage that was caused.

Clean up party in Plano TGx

The twist in the end

I was surprised when the host of the party seemed really calm after all this madness. He came over and handed me a card with the number

I flipped it around and saw the letters Maid in Allen Service. He asked me to give them a call in the morning and assured me that it would be alright.

It was a local maid service that immediately responded and a van arrived with two cleaning members to scrub, wash, dust, and clean everything that was in the arena. Within a few hours, the place was as good as new. In fact, it was better than we found it before.

Now Maid in Allen is a regular on my party and event planning agenda for their cleaning services. Hire Maid in Allen Service for your event cleanups, and you will be ever grateful!

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