In order for the floors to look clean they should have regular maintenance. this is twice a week but if the floor is highly trafficked we recommend daily maintenance.

Floor Cleaning


Floor Cleaning Tips 

It is easy to forget about home and office floors, but that is where we realize the cleanliness of our environment.

When we talk about marble floors or grout we talk about shine and cleanliness, so a coffee stain or discarded garbage will be the point that dulls our floor.

 Tips for cleaning marble or grout floors

 Use a dry flat mop. Remove dust and organic particles

Vacuum the floor. Now the vacuum cleaners have attachments to vacuum the floor and that helps a lot to eliminate all the dust that is deposited daily.

Use a bucket of special water for mopping (2 compartments of water) Absorbent mop,

 Cleaning liquids:

Marble is a porous and delicate material and it is recommended to clean it only with water at room temperature. If it is very dirty, change the water and repeat the mopping.

If you want to use a liquid floor cleaner, I recommend it to be PH 7 Neutral and very little. the trick is to rinse it with clean water (i mopped with cleanser and another with clean water


 The marble and grout floor is recommended to be mopped with water and dried either with a fan or a dry cloth.

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