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1.- Use your shoe rack

One of the ways to tidy up your space within minutes is to organize all of your shoes.  

This will make your entrance look more inviting to guests when they come to your home.  Instead of a bundle of shoes, they will notice the clear and welcoming pathway to your home.


2.- Make the Couch- Although you may not have any clutter on your couch, it can still look messy if you don’t keep up with it. In order to make your couch look more organized, you want to make sure that the cushions are fluffed up and in place.  

3.- Clean your windows- Your windows are one of the places that you might forget to clean up.  You can use a variety of different dusters and wipes in order to make your windows look squeaky clean.  Another benefit of having clean windows is that they will look even brighter when you open them up and light all of the light in.  

4.- Make your bed- When it comes to your bedroom, one of the quickest ways to clean up your space is to make your bed.  Your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, which also makes it the most noticeable. When your bed is tidy, everything seems to be organized even if it really isn’t.    

5.- Load the dishwasher- If you are someone who has a lot of dishes and glasses hanging around their home, you should load up the dishwasher.  It only takes a minute, but can make a huge difference when it comes to your mess.  

6.- Add a freshener- A quick way to freshen up the scent in your space is to add an air refresher.  One of the benefits of using them is that there are plenty of smells that you can choose from.

7.- Make the most out of your furniture- A lot of times we have empty drawers or shelves in our rooms.  You should stay away from doing this in order to save yourself some space and clean up the room.  

Ask for help:

Does this sound like a lot of work?

It is a lot of work. You can let a professional cleaning service come and do some spring cleaning for you.

They will do all this hard work for you, but it won't take them a week to do it. They will come in a team of two or more and have all this work done for you in one afternoon.

They will bring all the cleaning supplies. They will also have a professional carpet cleaner.A professional carpet cleaner will remove built-up dirt and grime. For nothing but a healthier home, call a professional cleaning service for your spring cleaning.