Veterans Day Greetings

"Heartfelt Veterans Day Greetings | Saluting Our Heroes"

Celebrate Veterans Day with warm and sincere greetings.

Join us in paying tribute to the brave men and women who've served our nation. Happy Veterans Day!



"On this Veterans Day, we stand tall and proud,


To honor the heroes, courageous and unbowed.


For those who served with strength and might,


We salute you all, our guiding light.


In uniform, you marched with grace,


With determination etched on your face.


You protected freedom, you made the way,


For a better world, we celebrate today.


Your sacrifice, your unwavering devotion,


Defending our nation is our deepest emotion.


For your service and valor, we express our gratitude,


On this Veterans Day, your bravery shines, renewed.


With respect and honor, we pay our due,


To the red, white, and blue and to each of you.


For the veterans, both near and far away,


Happy Veterans Day, we salute you today!


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 Veterans Day greeting for a family dinner night in honor of veterans:


"As the sun sets and stars shine bright,


Gather 'round, it's a special night.


On this Veterans Day, we unite,


To honor our heroes with love and light.


The table is set, and the candles aglow,


In our hearts, the gratitude continues to grow.


For the veterans, brave, both near and far,


We salute you beneath the evening star.


As we come together, family so dear,


Let's share stories and shed a tear,


Of the ones who served, who stood the fight,


To protect our freedom with all their might.


In this moment of togetherness, so true,


We remember their valor, both old and new.


With love and respect, we dine tonight,


For our veterans' sacrifice, shining so bright.


So let this family dinner be a tribute so grand,


To those who've served our beloved land.


On this Veterans Day, we proudly say,


Thank you for your service in every way!


Veterans Day Greetings




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