Mother-In-Law Is Coming 

You received the call "the mother-in-law" visited us this weekend and the house is in chaos. To do?

 Good luck Maid in Allen company is close to me. And just with a call they come and leave my house clean and tidy, the best maid and cleaning company in the entire state of Texas. Maybe the world! 

 And why are we the best? Glad you asked. We’re different. And what makes us different makes us better.

 There are a gazillion cleaning services out there, but only one that can legitimately claim to be the best.our customers,

 They tell us we’re friendly, courteous, respectful – and clean like the angels!

We methodically will go through your house, room by room, and clean it from top to bottom. We dust, we vacuum, we polish, we clean, we scrub, – and we work our tails off! Why? 

 Because we’re a different type of cleaning service. We really, really care about making your house as clean as it can possibly be. Refreshing, isn’t it?

As good as this is, it gets even better.

What could be better than getting a cleaning and maid service that does a spectacular job of ridding your house of dirt and grime?

 How about getting $20 off your Initial cleaning! Let’s repeat that -- $20 off your Initial cleaning. 

This is a limited time offer, of course, so you better take advantage of it as soon as possible. It’s sort of like we’re paying you to clean your house. Told you we were different!

And there’s even more!

At Maid in Allen Service we not only do houses, we also do commercial and office buildings as well. If you’re looking for a cleaning service that does it all, you should be looking at us!

Carpets, too.

You betcha! If your carpets need a steam cleaning because they are dirty and grungy, Our special carpet cleaning formula is eco-approved and does a spectacular job of bringing back life to old carpets.

So now it’s up to you. 

Pretty soon that mother-in-law of yours is going to come prancing through the door. 

What you don’t want is for her to give you the old evil-eye routine, scrunch up her face, and say, “Oh, yucky!” No, you want her to say, “Dear! What a wonderfully clean house you have!”

 You know what? You better make that phone call to Maid in Allen Service right now!

 Hire a professional cleaning company to prepare your house with an initial cleaning freeing it from dust and sanitizing bathrooms, floors and kitchen. 

 The next step is regular weekly or biweekly cleaning which will help keep your house clean.

 Remember that this is a very tiring process and can be very frustrating. Prepare yourself and delegate as much as you can to professionals so that you can enjoy your home.

 Let them do all the spring cleaning for you. You can go enjoy the spring weather while you get your cleaning done.