Tips for stress-free move-in cleanup of your old place

We know how difficult it can be to prepare the house to move to a new one. You will have to clean your house every day when you hardly have time for work and family.

That is why we have put together a list of daily cleaning tips to be prepared for the day you move from home.

Start by dusting your entire house.

Remove dust from the upper parts of your house, ceiling fans, a/c ducts, all dusted walls, above cabinets, refrigerator, remove dust from blinds and windows.

First pack all your stuff

From day 1 you should start packing the things you need or don't use the least. Mark the boxes with the name of the room they belong to (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.).

Get rid of everything you don't use: Donate everything you don't use anymore so you can receive safe space.

Use black garbage bags and take them to the outside dumpster as soon as they are full

Clean from top to bottom always

Start your cleaning of things from the highest part to the bottom, (in a closet start by removing everything that is on top)

Work in parts

Start by working with the room farthest from the exit door. don't go to another if you don't finish this one.

Remember that step one is to remove all the garbage from your house (what you don't use anymore)

Clean windows and doormats

Do not forget to clean the windows of each room

Clean your bathroom and kitchen

EVERYTHING you don't use donate it or get rid of it, it's the hardest part of the preparation work to move to a new house

Pay attention to the exterior of the home

The patio and the back garden of your house must be empty without furniture garbage nothing empty

Wrapping it all up!!!

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