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Are You Dealing With Carpet Odors at Your Apartment Rentals?


Do you have an apartment rental business? 

Do you dread when the tenants move out, especially if the tenants have pets? You know how hard it is to get rid of pet odors in the carpet. 

You probably shampoo the carpets, then let them dry and go back in a few days and the carpet and apartment still smells like pets.It seems impossible to get rid of the smell of pets on the carpet.

You probably have to tear out the carpets and replace all the carpets when a tenant moves out with pets. You don’t have to do that anymore. There is a way to remove the pet odor and remove it for good. 

How to remove pet odors in carpets?

Don’t throw your money away by shampooing your carpets. You don’t even need to have new carpets put in. There is a natural way to rid the pet odors in your apartments without chemicals and expensive tools. 

You can have the Natural Odor Removal & Air Purification done by the team of Maid in Allen Cleaning Service.

The pet odors can be eliminated with the Ozone Total Zone / Ultra V Ozone Generators. The Ozone Total Zone / Ultra V Ozone Generators will be placed in the apartment and the pet odors will be eliminated.

Once the Ozone Total Zone has removed the odors of pets, then it will take away any other odors. 


If you have painted the apartment, then the paint odor will be removed too! 

The Ozone Total Zone will not only remove all offensive odors that are left in the apartment, but will also kill any bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses and germs and leave the apartment smelling clean and healthy. 

You will be able to let future tenants know that you have taken this extra step to ensure they will have a healthy apartment when they move in.


Don’t Waste Money-Have Odors Removed With Ozone Total Zone:

Don’t waste any more money with shampoo cleaners, sprays and cleaners. These chemicals will only mask the odors, but not remove them. 

The pet odors will come back. You don’t want the new tenant to tell you the apartment smells like pets a week later do you?

For more information on the Ozone Total Zone cleaning and odor removal, then click here 


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