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Pet therapy is very popular among seniors, and there are a lot of therapy animals to choose from, including dogs, cats and now even horses. Senior residents of Mustang Creek Estates of Allen recently enjoyed pet therapy with mini horses from Mini Hooves of Love, an organization dedicated to giving people the opportunity to enhance their quality of life by interacting with miniature horses. The seniors met Hope and Hero, both about 23 inches tall and very friendly. Pet therapy provides many health benefits, including lower blood pressure, increased relaxation, decreased anxiety or depression and even improved communication.

“Sometimes we need to feel that an animal is there for us, not to fix anything or do anything in particular, but just to let us feel that we are supported and cared about,” said Jim Woods, owner of Mini Hooves of Love. “We work with people of all ages, from one week old to 100 years old. Our horses enjoy making people smile. While there are a lot of pet therapy animals, something special happens when a horse walks into your room. My wife and I love what we do because our visits create lasting memories.”

Hope and Hero both have wonderful personalities and are very accustomed to the indoors. Miniature horses are loved by people of all ages, and the horses accept everyone without judgement. When the horses from Mini Hooves of Love aren't hard at work making people smile, they graze and play in the pasture or sleep in a barn. Some of them even enjoy playing with toys and balls. Many residents from Mustang Creek Estates of Frisco had pets throughout their lives or grew up on farms, and activities like these trigger several pleasant memories.

“We were all so excited for this special pet therapy activity,” said Angella Horton, executive director at Mustang Creek Estates of Allen. “This was a fun yet very meaningful experience for the seniors, and we are thankful for the newly formed partnership with Mini Hooves of Love.”

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