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4/29/2013 Not a Candidate for Dental Implants? Bone Grafting Could Give You Another Shot
It may sound like an extreme medical surgery, but bone grafting is frequently used in oral surgery for procedures like dental implants, ridge expansion and...
3/18/2013 Should You Still Be In Pain From That Dental Procedure?
Surgical procedures aren't usually something patients look forward to, frequently due to the length of the recovery period. However, there is a way to speed up...
2/12/2013 Snoring: Annoyance or a Sign of Something More Serious?
Sleep is the time when the body takes a break. When we sleep, our brain and body recover and prepare for the stresses of the upcoming day. But if you have...
1/7/2013 Simple Options for Ridge Augmentation
Over the past 18 years of oral maxillofacial surgery practice, Dr. Ramsey M. Fanous has developed a special interest in osseous (bone tissue) reconstruction....
11/19/2012 Be Smart About Wisdom Tooth Removal with an Oral Surgeon
Since you are reading this story, you are probably well aware of the havoc wisdom teeth can play in a mouth. Rarely do they come in properly aligned and with...
10/5/2012 “All-On-4” dental implants can be a single-day doorway to renewed self-confidence & improved health
As an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who began his training with dental implants 21 years ago and has been board certified to perform dental implant surgery for...