Creature Movie Series: Godzilla (2014)



Central Standard Time



The Dinosaur Company
420 Century Pkwy.
ALLEN, Texas 75013

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I can't tell you how excited we are to start our Creature Movie Series! YAAAAAAAAY! Join us on Friday 3/12 at 6pm for Godzilla! Book your tickets now at!

So what does this event include?

  • You get to watch the movie. (Disclaimer: We did not make any of the creatures in this film.)

  • You get to see some of the actual creatures we make. The Dinosaur Company Creature Corral will be open before and after the movie. (See below to learn more about our Creature Corral.)

  • It's BYOP (Picnic). You can bring your own food… but you will only have access to a table if you book a table.

  • It's BYOB! You must drink legally (age 21+) and responsibly. This is a family event.

  • You can play Creature Movie Bingo! We'll hand out special bingo cards. You could be a winner! (I mean, everyone who comes to the Creature Movie Series is a winner in my book, but you could get a fun little prize for winning Bingo.)

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