AI Unveiled: Understanding AI’s Impact on Society



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One Bethany East
900 W. Bethany Drive, 1st floor Conference Room
Allen, Texas 75013

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AI Unveiled: Understanding AI’s Impact on Society and so much more!      

Description: Embark on a 90-minute exploration into the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Whether you've dabbled in AI or are new to the concept, this session is tailored to offer insights into AI’s impact on society and deliver actionable takeaways that will help you begin utilizing this emerging technology in your daily routines.                 

We begin with unraveling the mystery: What is AI? From there, we journey through its multifaceted benefits and consequences, spanning the future of the arts, science, labor, elections, and war. We’ll evaluate the differences between the trending AI engines such as Chat GPT, Dalle-E, Pictory, Google Bard, and Microsoft CoPilot. And discover how they’re poised to revolutionize our world of work and leisure.                

Our interactive audience segments will not only gauge AI's footprint in our community but also spark engaging discussions. Dive into real-world scenarios that showcase how AI is revolutionizing tasks, from smart online searches to dynamic presentation creation. But here's the highlight: You won't just be a passive listener. By the end of this session, you'll walk away with not only a profound understanding of AI and its societal implications but also leave equipped with tangible advice and strategies. Discover how to craft your AI queries, also known as ‘prompts’, to get compelling insights into your professional endeavors and personal experiences.                 

Join us and step confidently into an AI-augmented future, prepared and empowered.    

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