A year has passed since I started trading on the Quotex platform. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But I believe that the money is within my grasp. I just have to figure out how to make it happen. What I did, though, was try out different strategies and jot them down. That way, I can continue to work on the methods that work and get rid of the ones that don't work.

Then came the moment I realized something was turning for the good. My trades work every time I do the 4 things I want to share with you now. If only I omit any of those things, I'm at a loss. I believe these are my 4 secret steps to success at Quotex.

There is one big advantage that practice accounts have over real accounts. Obvious is the fact that you are not trading with your own money and furthermore means you are not losing your own money in case of a bust.

That is the reason why you should always practice your strategy on a demo account. It does not involve high risk so your funds are safe.

Whenever I want to see if the strategy is working or not, I will switch to the demo account. I tried a specific tactic more than once. And only after I'm sure it's working as it should, I'll move to a real account and use the strategies given there.

Moreover, I will try not only the strategy on the practice account but also different financial instruments or investment amounts for one trade. I practice, I try different possibilities and when I know what works and what doesn't, I switch to a real account. And without hesitation, I chose the market, strategy and investment amount.

Many novice traders use the practice account as a playground. They invest huge amounts, they use random strategies, they don't think much. It's not their money after all. But this is wrong. Don't get used to that kind of thinking. Treat the demo account like a real account. If not, you may have to spend real money in the future.

Using a demo account like a real one increases your confidence and trust. It helps you to distinguish good from bad moves, you get to know a strategy that works well and you become convinced it will work in the real market too.
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