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Connect with Experts, at the DFW FAMILY FORUM ON DEPRESSION & ANXIETY (DFW-FFDA) on SAT. JAN 20th, 2 to 7pm

Everything You Need To Know About Supporting You and Your Family's Mental Health

Access Wellness invites adults and teens to dialogue and learn about how to manage the mind, keep it healthy, and how to combat depression and anxiety - which is hitting more and more people regardless of age.  Attendees can gain valuable knowledge, insight and inspiration about its inner workings, how to recognize the signs of overstress, and how to help yourself, and even support the minds of those around you.  DFW-FFDA opens at 2pm and runs till 7pm.  Participants will gain free access to knowledge and expertise of numerous recognized professionals around DFW, including including National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas,  World Health Mind LLC, Dr. Rehan Puri, MD, and more.

The event slogan is: "All minds require maintenance to achieve resilience and inner peace.”  This is not just for anyone struggling to find peace of mind, but meant to help people understand how to recognize the signs of when the mind is being stressed out beyond its capacity to handle it, how to strengthen it, make it more immune to the challenges we encounter in life.

Attendees will learn about the variety of ways to manage the mind to help them evaluate the best approach for themselves or family members or for supporting friends.  

The biggest hurdle to overcome is the societal stigma about dialogue about diving into some of the more heavier topics about the mind like depression, anxiety, or suicide ideation.  This Forum presents an opportunity to learn how to overcome being judgemental and instead be more supportive to those suffering in silence.  Perhaps we can transform or save a life or two in the process.

The DFW-FFDA offers attendees to approach the mind holistically which will include discussion of non-traditional approaches to mental health, including mind management techniques, the role of faith and natural alternatives like yoga and meditation.

Access Wellness aims to inspire the DFW community to achieve better health through free programs that provide access to medical and health experts, comprehensive resources and access to various avenues of prevention and treatment of disease,illness, injury, both physical and mental.  The initiative brings knowledge, resources, and experts about health and wellness to busy individuals and families to help them make informed decisions about their health when they don't have time to do their own research, investigation and reading.

Access wellness programs are meant to be accessible to the community, both in person and online where possible. Activities are intended for all ages and stages of life. Programs run throughout the year, in the form of health clinics, consultations, lectures, forums, symposiums and health fairs and more covering a broad array of health and wellness topics.

Access Wellness was founded by a group of volunteers of Radha Krishna Temple who are passionate about inspiring people to elevate their personal health and is completely volunteer run.  Doctors and other medical and health professionals donate their time out of their passion for their work and joy in helping the community.  

For registration, program schedule and other details, please visit: