Shaun That KelticDead Guy

Herr Mannelig (Dear Mankind)

There are many variants of this tune in the endo-European areas, and I translated several versions from Swedish and Russian into English. 
The origin of the tunes/songs is believed to be quite old, though there were many variants in the middle ages. The Scandinavian areas of Europe were populated around 50,000 years ago by a mix of people, some of whom were Celts from the Balkan areas, and others from Mongolia, India, and Asia. The theme of the song is about a devil (troll) tempting mankind with wealth, power, and possessions; an eternal struggle. 
Earnie Taft and Linda King helped me put this together, and it has that "ancient," eastern European flavor. Kind of jazzy for a tune that comes out of the past ... maybe 50,000 years ago. Powerful message.
Shaun, That KelticDead Guy
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